The basis for a energy roof

A customer introduced a carport made of solar panels where cars are kept dry under a canopy and at the same time charged by self-generated energy. We provided a safe and solid foundation for this construction.

More and more cars and bicycles are electric. Innovative charging solutions are therefore becoming increasingly important. This solar carport in Amersfoort (Netherlands) is a perfect example. Residents’ cars are safely parked and charged free of charge. FIRST BASE made an accurate calculation of the bearing capacity and supplied the appropriate ground screw foundations. As a result, the construction can be erected quickly and easily and the solar panels can be installed immediately

Load bearing

In this carport, the solar panels are not placed on the canopy but form the roof themselves. Based on the soil data and the weight of the structure and solar panels, we determine the load-bearing capacity and the diameter of the screw foundation required to ensure that this carport structure will provide sufficient stability.


Carports made of solar panels are increasingly being built at organisations with large car parks, which makes it easier for employers to invest in electric cars. In addition, solar panel carports are also increasingly found in retail areas as a service to shoppers. They serve not only for charging electric cars, but also as protection over bicycle racks, given the growing popularity of electric bicycles.


  • Precise calculation of bearing capacity
  • High-quality screw foundations for a solid foundation
  • Dual functionality: protection and energy generation
  • Efficient installation time
Solar carport
Solar carport
Solar carport