FIRST BASE Ground Screws are developed by experienced civil and structural engineers, in close cooperation with scientists and steel producers. The screws can bear up to 150 kN per foundation. Therefore you can use them to found all sorts of installations, varying from fences, gates and flagpoles to playground equipment, modular built houses and solar parks.


  • Loadable up to 150 kN per foundation
  • Applicable without digging
  • Easy to apply, even in winter
  • Installation in minutes
  • Free of maintenance
  • No concrete needed (so no drying time)
  • No heavy machinery needed
  • Bears the full load of your construction directly after installing
  • Suitable for temporary and permanent constructions
  • Long lifespan
  • Reusable without damaging the environment
  • Produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards
  • Galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461

How does it work?

FIRST BASE Ground Screws can be easily installed by using a manual installation tool, an electric or pneumatic ground screw drill or hydraulic machine. The conic shape of the screws compresses the soil around it, which increases the load bearing capacity. Whether you would like to build on clay, peat, loam or sand, FIRST BASE guarantees you a solid foundation.

About the company

FIRST BASE provides quality ground screws. From development to production and installation of the screws. FIRST BASE has the unique capability of calculating the load bearing capacity of ground screws, based on ground reports and soil tests. We can offer you a safe and guaranteed solid foundation. 

Being involved in the whole process from A to Z, we have the know-how, the know-what, and most important; we have the know-why. Our team of engineers can provide you with any technical substantiations needed for your foundation.


Solar structures

Produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards, FIRST BASE Ground Screws guarantee a solid base. Besides supplying ground screws, we can engineer, produce and install the steel sub-structure for your solar power plant. To determine the load bearing capacity of the screw foundation, we can provide all sorts of installation- and testing equipment. read more

Professional applications

The FIRST BASE Ground Screw Pro is developed for heavier load bearing capacities. Produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards and galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, the Pro-type ensures you extreme stability, with the extra benefit of easy (so quick!) installation in every kind of soil. read more

Around-the-house applications

FIRST BASE Do-It-Yourself Ground Screws can be used for all your around-the-house applications. From a fence or small gate to a childrens? swingset or even a shed. They can be easily installed by hand (no heavy machinery needed) in every kind of soil. In all weather conditions. With the extra benefit of reusability. read more