Solar structure for lock complex

More and more organisations are using renewable energy to meet their own energy needs. In Rogat (NL), we provided the installation of 702 solar panels on an island in the Hoogeveen canal.

A lock complex usually requires a lot of energy. At a time when energy prices are skyrocketing, fast switching can immediately result in major cost savings. FIRST BASE ground mounted solar structures are ideally suited for this purpose. FIRST BASE designs, produces, supplies and installs solar support structures from stock. The stucture is built in combination with ground screws, enabling solar panels to be installed quickly, firmly and with minimal damage to flora and fauna.


Despite the moderate accessibility of the island, the lock complex project could be started smoothly by using our compact hydraulic machines. Bridge access to the island was therefore no problem at all. Our flexible FIRST BASE Solar support structures can be used for the most challenging project locations.

Measuring, design, setting and installation

Every project starts with taking measurements. We start by measuring the field and any obstructions, followed by determining ground level differences. We do this by using digital GPS measuring equipment. In the preparatory phase, the piling plan is worked out digitally. Based on these measurements, we position the piling plan on coordinates at the relevant project site.

Immediately following, we start the installation of the ground screw foundations at height using a compact hydraulic machine. This process is fast and precise. Once all 264 FIRST BASE Ground Screws have been installed, we continue with the erection of the supporting structure.

Meaningful work

Special attention is paid to our cooperation with PuurZorg. PuurZorg offers people with social disabilities opportunities in the labour market. In this project, PuurZorg helped with preparatory work, including inserting bolts through washers for panel clamp fixings. Various simple and repetitive tasks were also carried out on site.

Among other things, this meticulous preparation, followed up by a foreman from FIRST BASE and a team leader from PuurZorg, enabled the project to be realised within five days.


  • 1 island
  • 702 solar panels
  • 264 screw foundations
  • 5 days
Zonnepark Rogat
Zonnepark Rogat
Zonnepark Rogat
Zonnepark Rogat