The Marker Wadden project

Commissioned by Strandbaak B.V. we carried out a special project on the Marker Wadden for Natuurmonumenten (A Dutch nature conservation organization). The Marker Wadden is a unique nature reserve in the middle of the Markermeer, approximately 10 kilometers by boat from Lelystad. This piece of newly found nature is in full expansion. The archipelago has been constructed with about thirty million m2 of sand, clay and silt from the Markermeer. In this unexplored area we installed 260 ground screws (Ø114) for two recreational homes, a group accommodation and the houses for the island guard and harbour master.

In such a remote place, the ground screw foundations really proved their value with their low environmental impact. Shipping to the location went smoothly and on-site installation was quick. The conical shape of the screw foundations makes all the difference. The way we install the ground screws does not cause vibrations that could disturb the present flora and fauna. As soon as the ground screw is in the ground, heavy loads can be put on the screws without any delay.

The Marker Wadden is a great experiment. If the structures ever have to be moved or removed, that is no problem: we simply unscrew the ground screws. This sustainable, circular way of providing solid foundations fits in perfectly with the philosophy of Natuurmonumenten and the Marker Wadden.